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Daniel Byrne-Rothwell

Extent : 474pp 612gm 138 x 218mm ISBN : 978-1-904817-04-8 Price: £20.00 plus postage

The second volume of the Byrnes and O'Byrnes trilogy takes an in-depth look at the social history of the clan subsequent to the break-up of the Byrnes' Country. Each major branch has a fascinating story to tell, but as well as the great things, the little and personal things of life are given equal prominence. The work is accompanied by easily understood and extensive family trees.


Author's Introduction to Volume Two

CHAPTER 1: Displacement

Byrne of Ballinakill, Co. Wicklow and the Leabhar Branach - the Gaelic revival - broken links - the Byrne families of South Co. Wexford - family tradition - the Ballymanus connection - Byrne of Dunganstown - Byrne of Ballycapple - Byrne of Doonooney, Newtown and Grasscur - Fr. John Byrne - Byrne of Ballylibernagh - Byrne of Scar - Byrne Walsh - Byrne of Bonagrew - Byrne Colclough - Byrne Lambert - in conclusion

CHAPTER 2: The Wearing of the Green

Byrne of Ballymanus - William Michael Byrne - Byrne of Inch Cottage - Miles Byrne of Monaseed - The Byrnes of Ballymanus and Rednagh - Byrne of Kildreena - Garrett Michael Byrne

CHAPTER 3: The Marcher Warlords

Beyond Wicklow - The Byrnes of Portrushin - O'Byrne of Clonmore - Byrne of Sleaty - the loss of Sleaty - Byrne of Clonmel - Byrne of Ballinakill, Co. Carlow - Byrne of Ballysallagh - Byrne of Ballyspellan - Byrne of Barn - Byrne of Rosemount, Co. Wexford

CHAPTER 4: The Kavanagh Allies

The Gabhal t'Siomón (Coulteman) O'Byrnes - The Byrnes of the Dullough - Byrne of Kilmalapoge - the Coulteman O'Byrnes and the Timmins of Clantomen - the later Coulteman - Byrne of Ballykillan - the Byrnes of Ballybrack Ussallican and Cournellian - Kiltinnel - the Byrnes of Spahill and Ballyine - the Abduction Case

CHAPTER 5: Of Wicklow Rebels and American Pioneers

Byrne of Cornaun - Byrne of Hamilton Lodge - Byrne of Hacketstown - Byrne of Iowa - the grand children of Anthony Byrne - the great grand children of Anthony Byrne - the Byrne and O'Brien families - the great-great grand children of Anthony Byrne - the great-great-great grand children of Anthony Byrne - the great-great-great-great grand children of Anthony Byrne - Byrne of Ballymaconey, Co. Wicklow

CHAPTER 6: Of Soldiers and Priests

Byrne of Ballinderry Grove Hall - Byrne of Croney Byrne

CHAPTER 7: Of Pirates, Rebels and Counts

Byrne of Castletown - Byrne of Mullinahack - O'Byrne of Château St. Gery and Corville House - Byrne of St. Gery - Gabriel O'Byrne - Byrne of Glenconnor House - Byrne of Rosmakea

CHAPTER 8: The French Connection

Byrne of Cabinteely - the Byrnes in Bordeaux

CHAPTER 9: The Castle and the Country House

Clara Castle - a Cabinteely connection? - Byrne of Clara Castle - Byrne of Coneygar - Byrne of Ballycuddihy - Byrne of Bayswell House - Byrne of Mellisson Castle - Byrne of Bayswell House ( continued ) - the Hacketts - the other daughters of John Byrne of Bayswell - the sons of Michael John Byrne of Bayswell - Edmund Byrne of South Africa and Balinabooley - the Byrnes of New Zealand (continued) - Byrne of Ballydaniel - the Valdez Connection - the story of El Bornes

CHAPTER 10: Cromwell's Tailor

Byrne of Timogue Castle - Byrne of Fallowbeg - Byrne of Byrnesgrove - Byrne of Sorrell Hill and Lissanure - Byrn of Saxony - Byrne-Leicester and Warren of Tabley - Byrne of Timogue Mill - Byrne of Lugacurren - O'Byrne of Moore Valley House - The O'Byrnes and the Gleesons - Byrne-Rothwell

Genealogical Tables


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